We are a team of individuals who, at some points in our lives, faced one common problem, CLUTTER, and who now share one common passion, DECLUTTER. As we come from different walks of life and even different age groups, the clutter issues that we encountered were diverse. Read More...

Did you notice that there are many abandoned decluttering projects around us? Half decluttered houses, partially cleared out rooms or closets with just one section organized. And did you also notice that clutter returns boldly after a massive decluttering a.k.a. marathon clearing had been done?

That’s because many people don’t know this secret – that there are 4 important stages in decluttering! And that each stage has its own challenges. To declutter successfully and to maintain the clutter-free status afterwards, you need to overcome those challenges.

You can learn all about the ‘4 Stages of Decluttering’ in the section ‘Our Discovery’ on this website where you will get to know the challenges mentioned earlier. Alternatively, the lady in red below can tell you briefly about the ‘4 Stages of Decluttering’.

Your decluttering journey will be easier if you have the right knowledge and motivation. We have carefully prepared many awesome and affordably priced products to help you achieve your decluttering goals in a joyful way. So, check them out by clicking on the product category that you’re interested in now! Prices start from as low as $5!

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