About Us

We are a team of individuals who, at some points in our lives, faced one common problem, CLUTTER, and who now share one common passion, DECLUTTER. As we come from different walks of life and even different age groups, the clutter issues that we encountered were diverse.

Among us, we accumulated a rich pool of decluttering experiences. A few of us decluttered unimaginable amounts of stuff left behind by our elders who never did any serious decluttering in their lifetimes; one member insanely purged her whole apartment and at the same time packed to move to another continent within short notice; a brave one fought clutter as well as her painful rheumatoid arthritis with quiet courage; yet another one returned a messy house to order while building a home business and running a household full of love, a husband plus several active kids; and not forgetting the compassionate one who made sense of the home while caring for a parent with dementia.

Of course all of us had our fair share of struggling with the quintessential phase of procrastination. But through it all, we triumphed! And the rewards of a transformed home and life are just incredible! So, we definitely can relate to your clutter woes!

Now, in your own life, you too would have had many events that called for decluttering, like when you flew the nest; switched jobs; got married; set up your new home; moved houses and finally downsized for retirement. Indeed, decluttering is an integral part of our lives.

Having said that, many people still put off decluttering. Some even procrastinate for an entire lifetime while others do carry out decluttering but only with partial success.

This is where our team at Easy Decluttering Tips would like to share something interesting, something important. We discovered that decluttering normally has 4 stages, namely Procrastinate, Get Started, Keep Going and Done. We also found that each stage has its own challenges and in order to declutter successfully, you will need to overcome all those challenges.

It is our aim at Easy Decluttering Tips to guide all of you through the 4 stages of decluttering with our own brand of FUN tips, strategy and motivation. There’s enough pressure in our daily lives and we can all do without additional stress from decluttering. So, we make decluttering fun and easy. You will no longer see decluttering as a dreaded chore but a great opportunity to transform your life positively in so many aspects.

So, head on over to the section on “Our Discovery” on this website. We are immensely excited to share with you the details of our interesting discovery. And lastly, a warm welcome to our Easy Decluttering Tips community!