"There are 4 stages in Decluttering!"

Dear Fellow Declutterer,

The very fact that you’ve come to this page shows that you’re ready to do something about your clutter problem. But clutter may not be the only issue that you’re facing because people who have clutter problems are often plagued by other troubles as well. Just to name one, they are made to feel small and inadequate by those who are quick to judge. This is unkind because we know of many people with clutter issues who are actually smart, creative, talented and compassionate! They are beautiful people who deserve a meaningful life with purpose and enjoyment.

Your Story...

So, we absolutely understand your problem because we’ve been there before. On one hand, you want to get rid of all the junk in your life. On the other hand, you can’t seem to be able to do it. You bought many books on decluttering, but couldn’t read past their first chapters or even procrastinated reading them. And those books have now joined your clutter pile!

You tried to declutter on your own but somehow your enthusiasm lasted only one drawer. Often, you just won’t let go of your stuff. As a last resort, you hired a professional organiser to do the clearing. Voila! Your home became an organized haven but alas, not for long! Clutter crept back steadily after less than a month. In short, you tried your best but success was either elusive or short-lived and you’re still frustrated.

Now, how can we help you? Our Easy Decluttering Tips team consists of members who, like you, faced a variety of clutter issues at some points in our lives but we now share a great passion for decluttering after we successfully overcame our individual clutter issues. So, we can definitely relate to your problem and we know how helpless you feel.

Our Story...

Collectively, our team members have gone through all sorts of clutter problems. Starting with procrastination, one of our team members procrastinated for well over 20 years before she summoned up courage and determination to start decluttering! Yes, procrastination can stretch from a harmless few weeks to even a whole lifetime! And that was exactly what another team member discovered. Overnight, he inherited a whole house of stuff from his late mother because she put off serious decluttering for a whole lifetime.

Moving house is another event that is closely associated with decluttering and all of our members have moved house at least once. We swear that moving house is THE moment of truth on just how much stuff we own! In our team, the prize for moving house went to a member who insanely purged her apartment and packed to move to another continent, all within short notice! 

We also understand that some people genuinely do not have the time to declutter. For example, when you single-handedly run a household with 4 boisterous kids, a spouse and an elderly parent with dementia, you would be lucky if you could even sneak in some quiet time for yourself to enjoy a cuppa, let alone schedule a specific hour or two daily for decluttering.

Equally frustrating is the case where you want to make sense of your home but your health and physical limitations forbid any ambitious marathon clearing. A gutsy member of our team experienced just that. She suffers from rheumatoid arthritis which makes lifting, shifting and climbing difficult. On top of that, she has chronic eczema on her hands and constant cleaning or washing is a real pain. Yet she was able to overcome her clutter issue.

And on top of all these obstacles, we too had our fair share of clutter-related conflicts like dealing with uncooperative family members, housemates or colleagues whose vocabulary just lack the word “declutter”. We also had battles with our own unrealistic urge to achieve perfection when we declutter, which we all know is a hindrance to progress. Finally, we learnt to shift our mind-sets and develop good anti-clutter habits so that once our homes were cleared of junk, they will continue to look presentable, function well and can be very easily maintained.

What’s our secret for decluttering successfully?

At this point, you will already be asking “So, what’s your secret for decluttering successfully?” Well, when our team analysed our individual decluttering experiences, we were surprised to find a commonality across all of our members’ decluttering journeys!  

Our Discovery - There are 4 stages in Decluttering!

We were very excited when we discovered that:

(1) There are 4 stages in Decluttering namely

A. Procrastinate

B. Get Started

C. Keep Going

D. Done!

(2) Every stage has its own unique challenges. And to declutter successfully, we need to know how to overcome those challenges.

Now, we will take you quickly through the 4 stages in decluttering and share their challenges with you.

A. 'Procrastinate' stage

At this stage, chances are high that you’re experiencing the following:

  • You have co-existed with your clutter for years.
  • You tolerate the physical mess and daily inconveniences.
  • You suffer clutter-related stress and ailments.
  • You struggle to stay focused on your daily activities amidst the distraction from your stuff.
  • You wallow in low self-esteem, anguish and anxiety.
  • You feel guilty for all the unnecessary stuff that you bought and also for late payment penalties.
  • You feel lonely with your dwindling social life.

And yet you come up with reasons or excuses to continue with this situation. But deep down, you know that life is not meant to be lived this way and you desperately want to make a change.

So, what’s making you procrastinate?

The answer is FEAR.

  • Fear of facing the physical work and emotional upheaval involved in decluttering.
  • Fear of getting out of the ‘comfort zone’, that you’ve known for so long, to start a new, clutter-free life.

And this fear is due to your lack of UNDERSTANDING.

UNDERSTANDING will make you want to start decluttering!

Therefore, it is important for you to understand what clutter and decluttering are all about.


  • removes misconceptions and fears.
  • convinces you of the benefits of decluttering.
  • empowers you to make the right decisions when decluttering.
  • helps you declutter willingly, joyfully and with peace of mind to achieve your desired state of order.
  • opens the way for you to embrace a happy and healthy clutter-free life.

But how are you going to acquire this understanding?

There are 2 ways.

  • Through your own experience in living and dealing with clutter. However, this is a long process involving trials and errors in decluttering, which may or may not result in success.


  • Through someone else who has gone through the whole process of decluttering successfully. This is where we come in to help you.

We bring you ‘The 7 Truths For Joyful Decluttering’

From our pool of experiences, Easy Decluttering Tips has compiled the 2 major facts plus the 7 truths of clutter & decluttering in our e-album titled ‘The 7 Truths For Joyful Decluttering’.

The first of its kind, this e-album is very easy to read and comes with many thought-provoking and impactful pictures, just like those you see daily in our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

We are very sure you’ll be so engaged by this e-album that you’d finish reading it in one sitting and will start decluttering immediately!

‘The 7 Truths For Joyful Decluttering’

  • explains what clutter really is and how it affects 5 major aspects of your life
  • makes you see that decluttering is not a hateful chore but a good chance to transform your life
  • shows you that decluttering is not about losing stuff but about gaining happiness and freedom
  • helps you identify and overcome the different types of fears associated with clutter
  • inspires you to let go of your unwanted stuff joyfully
  • teaches you to derive happiness by donating your stuff to the less fortunate
  • makes you wiser when deciding between stuff and space
  • shows you where to find real joy in your life!

‘The 7 Truths For Joyful Decluttering’ will make you leave the procrastination stage and start decluttering immediately!

B. 'Get Started' stage

Everybody knows how to declutter. It’s as easy as A-B-C.

A is the area. You pick an area that annoys you. B will be the bag or box. Grab a strong one. And then go for C – clear away stuff that you don’t want to keep anymore. So, yes, everybody knows how to declutter but not everyone has a good decluttering strategy. Without a good strategy or game plan, you will be clearing aimlessly with no results.

A Simple Strategy is all you need

For this stage, you need a simple strategy that suits you in terms of your lifestyle, health status, time, energy level, abilities as well as limitations.

You want a strategy that is not so rigorous that you feel more overwhelmed by it than your clutter. You want a flexible strategy that you can fit into your lifestyle. Remember, you fit decluttering around your daily life and not fit your daily life around decluttering.

We bring you ‘Easy Peasy Decluttering’

So, again our Easy Decluttering Tips team has come up with an e-album titled ‘Easy Peasy Decluttering’, to guide you in your decluttering. This e-album gives you a clear game plan with 3 simple steps. You will find that decluttering isn’t complicated at all.

Our ‘Easy Peasy Decluttering’ album will show you that

  • the first step in decluttering has nothing to do with throwing out stuff!
  • the second step sees you choosing a simple but effective decluttering strategy based on your lifestyle and personal preference.
  • the third step is developing anti-clutter habits that will stop clutter from re-growing in your home after you have decluttered it.

It’s really that simple and doable! And yes, you’ll again find our engaging pictures helping you to remember our tips long after you have read this e-album.

C. 'Keep Going' stage

This stage sees you already decluttering but after a while, you seem to lose momentum and enthusiasm and even feel like giving up. This is normal. There are various reasons for slacking in your decluttering project. Mainly, it is because you suddenly realize you have so much stuff that you become overwhelmed and discouraged. Or you are tired and impatient to see results.

That’s why there are many cases of abandoned decluttering projects where you see only one shelf decluttered, out of a whole cupboard or only one room looking organized in the entire apartment. Once you give up, you will go back to the Procrastination stage. Isn’t that a waste?

Motivation keeps you going!

From the years of interacting with our followers in our Easy Decluttering Tips’ Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, we discovered that people need motivation more than anything else to achieve success in their decluttering projects. Those of you who are already our social media followers will know that we roll out motivation everyday on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Read how our motivation has helped our fans in their decluttering

“I have completely decluttered our home and it feels so relaxing. Held a yard sale, gave some stuff away and donated a truckload of items. Both my husband and I just feel so much better about our home. Thank you for all your encouragement.” – D.G. via Facebook

“I have helped both parents simplify their homes. I have done mine and just have a shed to finish. It’s taken me a couple of years to do all three. We all have more time for other things now. This site has kept me going more times than I can count. Thank you.” – D.M. via Facebook

Your advice and suggestions help me get rid of 16yrs of clutter and nearly 4 months later I am maintaining and not allowing old habits to take over. A place for everything(except clutter) and everything in its place. Thanks for helping me on my de-cluttering journey. - J.E. via Facebook

“I have got almost all of my cluttered places cleared out. Still working on my master closet, a little bit at a time. My stress level is so much lower, actually almost zero. Life is good! Thank you guys for the support and guidance!” – S.L.W. via Facebook

“Thank you for all that you’ve done to help those of us who are struggling with clutter. Completed 3 boxes / piles yesterday and had 2 bags of trash. An injury that has left me somewhat physically disabled, makes this process so slow, but your words help keep me encouraged to keep going.” – Mf. via Instagram

“Thanks for all your posts! You are helping to make our household much less stressful and we are grateful!” – J.M. via Instagram

“You’ve already helped me and I hope you’ll continue to help me. I love your daily pictures. I’m so happy I found your page!” – P. via Instagram

“I find your advice so encouraging and empowering.”  - H.M. via Twitter

Check out our Testimonials Section for more feedback from our fans.

So, motivation works wonders! For procrastinators, it gets you out of that cosy couch. For those who have hit a bump in the midst of their decluttering and subsequently stalled, motivation re-starts your enthusiasm and keeps you going again. And even when you have completely decluttered your home, motivation keeps you committed towards maintaining your new state of order so that clutter has no chance of growing again.

Now, wouldn’t it be great to have someone motivate you every single day?

Someone who is wise and famous, who has great life experiences, made significant contributions to mankind or even someone who has saintly compassion. That’s exactly what we have prepared for you in the form of another e-album titled Daily Motivation For Decluttering.

We bring you ‘Daily Motivation For Decluttering’

You just got to have this awesome e-album which gathered together 31 famous personalities to motivate and advise you! Each personality gives you his or her famous quote. And each quote is accompanied by its application or explanation tailored for your decluttering. So, you’ll have a different personality cheering you on every day in your decluttering. Among the many voices that will inspire you in your decluttering are statesmen, motivational speakers, professional organizers, writers, philosophers, sports personalities and even a pioneer lady race car driver!

Listen to what Mother Teresa said about having less; Mark Twain’s advice about acquiring habits that enable us to do our duties without pain; Bruce Lee on hacking away the unessential; Theodore Roosevelt’s perspective on failure: and Sir Winston Churchill on never ever giving up.

And we have another HUGE surprise for you in this album. It’s full of flowers! Each of the 31 motivational quote is accompanied by a beautiful flower. Why flowers? According to a research by Jeannette Haviland-Jones, professor of psychology, and her husband, Terry McGuire, professor of genetics, flowers do incredible things to uplift your moods.

In addition, Luther Burbank, the famous American botanist, horticulturist and pioneer in agricultural science said this about flowers: “Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul.” Indeed, the colors and forms of flowers can influence our minds and energy levels.

Wise words and flower power to motivate you

So, to have a continuous stream of motivation, get our e-album “Daily Motivation For Decluttering.” It is the first ever e-album with a whole month’s supply of strong motivation for decluttering, fuelled by flower power!

You can use this awesome e-album in many ways:

  • As a day-by-day source of encouragement
  • Whenever you lapse into a state of procrastination and need some help getting back on your feet
  • To form a decluttering ritual where you spend a few minutes reading one motivational message before you begin clearing your stuff
  • To add fun to your decluttering plans for the day by playing a game of roulette. Pick one quote spontaneously and see what it inspires you to do for that day.

Everybody needs a cheerleader. You have 31 with this e-album!

D. 'Done' stage

This final stage is a great milestone! Your home is fully decluttered now. It is more spacious and organized. There is better air circulation and light. The whole ambience is just so refreshing!

As for you, you’re feeling an abundance of positive feelings. You feel liberated, energized and brimming with enthusiasm. Your housework is greatly reduced. You now have time, focus and energy for people and experiences that you love. And you’re finally free from the awful grip of clutter. A weight has been lifted from your heart. And you feel light like a flyaway helium balloon!

Life is dynamic

However, you do understand that life is dynamic. There is constant movement and this includes stuff. From reading ‘The 7 Truths For Joyful Decluttering’, you understand that things will continue to move into your home and out of your home. And decluttering is an ongoing process in our lives. So, at this ‘Done!’ stage, it’s important to apply the anti-clutter habits that you have picked up from our Easy Peasy Decluttering album to prevent clutter from growing again in your freshly decluttered home.

You can win the war against clutter!

Now that we have taken you through all 4 stages of decluttering, you know that you can overcome your clutter issues. As the saying goes, “Forewarned Is Forearmed”. You now know that every stage of decluttering has its own challenges and that by overcoming those challenges, you will win the war against clutter. That’s being forewarned. So, the next step is to arm yourself with our decluttering e-albums to complete your victory against clutter!

There is so much to gain from our e-albums

Our e-albums will help you transform your home and your life. No more clutter, no more negative feelings.

So, go on, choose the e-album that suits your stage of decluttering now or better still get the Combo of all 3 e-albums that will guide you through the entire decluttering journey towards a better life. The e-albums are now at special prices, which are for a limited period only.

So, click on the 'Buy' button now and after your payment is processed, the e-albums will be sent to your email right away!

Lastly, we wish you Happy Decluttering and Welcome to a brand new life with peace, freedom and joy!

Cheering you on,

Easy Decluttering Tips