Submit Your Decluttering Pictures

A little motivation goes a long way to help us persist in our decluttering projects. And, what better way to be motivated than by witnessing the beautiful transformations of decluttering.

We welcome you to share your decluttering pictures, which could be 'Before & After' pics, a snapshot of items ready to go off to charity or a photo of your bustling garage sale. It is a way of celebrating your own victory over clutter and also a form of encouragement for others.

To make your pictures more meaningful, you can include your experience or your thoughts after decluttering. Submit your pictures via email to with your name and the subject title: Victory Board.

Our team will review all submissions and publish them on our Victory Board. However, submissions with negative content or which are deemed unsuitable in any way will be rejected without notification to the owner.

Please read and understand our Picture Submission Guidelines below before submission. By submitting a picture, you're confirming that you own the copyright or have permission from the copyright holder to submit the picture.

Picture Submission Guidelines

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