What Our Fans Say About Us

"You have no idea how your quotes, sayings, advice, questions, laughter and just plain words of wisdom have helped. When I clicked on to the 'like' button I have followed you since that day. I have been able to help myself with my own decluttering, plus things that I inherited. I'm tooting my own horn as to how clutter free I (we) now live and I now spend more time enjoying life outside my decluttered house. Thankful I clicked the 'like' button on Facebook that day. " - Donna M.
"I tell people about your website all the time. Personal and at work. Your site has great ideas and really makes people think about "stuff", ha. I tell people ...." It's not the things that keep the memories, stuff does not keep memories, you do". Or however you said it. Is true. Thank you again for all your great ideas and being such a positive website. " - Kathleen B.

"Just wanted to update on a comment I made a month ago and received much welcome advice and encouragement. I had been procrastinating about sorting out my spare room and all the children' who are now adults keepsakes and things from childhood. The brilliant advice about making memory boxes and everything that it's not possible to keep by taking photos. I have now sorted through lots of things and I am happy to report that I have made so much progress not just in that room but also the kitchen and front room.

Thank you for the advice and encouragement and I am well on the way to a clutter free environment, and it has made my mood lighter and although it's a work in progress I'm feeling optimistic about completing tasks that I set myself. " - Jackie E.

Easy Decluttering Tips, I love this site ~ it is always kind, thought-provoking, often humorous, and so much of it is practical and basic. This site has small steps, great plans over time, it's done in simplicity, with no shaming~ it shares love, compassion, and most of all, the gift of HOPE! Lovely page, lovely followers! God bless you for all of your hard work!! You are greatly appreciated! - Bonnie R.H.

"Your account has been so inspirational and enjoyable to follow! I married and had back to back pregnancies (blessed) with many health issues. Our large home has become filled with clutter!!! I'm slowly making a dent in it and it feels so amazing. The sense of accomplishment is great and of course it helps my anxiety! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and tips!!!" - E

“I have completely decluttered our home and it feels so relaxing. Held a yard sale, gave some stuff away and donated a truckload of items. Both my husband and I just feel so much better about our home. Thank you for all your encouragement.” – D.G. 

“I have helped both parents simplify their homes. I have done mine and just have a shed to finish. It’s taken me a couple of years to do all three. We all have more time for other things now. This site has kept me going more times than I can count. Thank you.” – D.M.

Your advice and suggestions help me get rid of 16yrs of clutter and nearly 4 months later I am maintaining and not allowing old habits to take over. A place for everything(except clutter) and everything in its place. Thanks for helping me on my de-cluttering journey. - J.E. via Facebook

“I have got almost all of my cluttered places cleared out. Still working on my master closet, a little bit at a time. My stress level is so much lower, actually almost zero. Life is good! Thank you guys for the support and guidance!” – S.L.W.

“Thank you for all that you’ve done to help those of us who are struggling with clutter. Completed 3 boxes / piles yesterday and had 2 bags of trash. An injury that has left me somewhat physically disabled, makes this process so slow, but your words help keep me encouraged to keep going.” – Mf.

“Thanks for all your posts! You are helping to make our household much less stressful and we are grateful!” – J.M.

“You’ve already helped me and I hope you’ll continue to help me. I love your daily pictures. I’m so happy I found your page!” – P. via Instagram